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Jacksonville Water Damage Experts Co. is a family-owned water mitigation contractor located in Jacksonville, FL. Our philosophy is quite simple. We aim to provide the best water damage Jacksonville restoration services at the most competitive prices. Countless customers have been with us for many years because they know we stand behind our workmanship.

Our company has become one of Jacksonville’s premier residential & commercial water mitigation contractors by making the customer experience the focus of our services. We work hard to provide you the peace of mind that our services will surpass your expectations. Our customer-focused culture is reflected in our rating with the BBB and our reviews on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List.

In 2014 we surveyed our customers and asked them what their top considerations were before hiring a water damage contractor Jacksonville. Their answers were:

  • Speed of Service / Punctuality
  • Quality of Service
  • Overall Reputation
  • Care For the Property
  • Fair Price

Here is how Jacksonville Water Damage Experts Co. delivers in these areas:

1. Speed of Service / Punctuality: Your time is valuable. Your home or office has been flooded. You want someone to be available immediately. We make every effort to meet you at your home or business in the fastest possible manner. All phones are answered 24/7 by a live operator who can dispatch a response team within minutes. It’s just one of the small ways we work hard to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

2. Quality of Service: We only use the highest quality water mitigation products. In the last year, we have teamed-up with United Water to use the absolute best in water mitigation equipment. All equipment is inspected on a quarterly basis to assure they are working at the peak levels. Even our teams undergo continued training regiment to assure they are up to date with the latest information about our industry.

3. Overall Reputation: We encourage you to review our reputation online. Please take a look at the recent feedback we have gotten from our customers. You will find that our services are second to none.

4. Care for the Property: When your walls and floors are being dried or repaired, a lot of debris will clutter your home or place of business. We make every effort to clean up after ourselves because we don’t want your loved ones or pets injuring themselves on debris left behind.

5. Hassle-free Billing: We understand that most-likely we will be dealing with your insurance company directly. All of our work is billed directly to the insurance company. You won’t have to deal with a thing. We have a dedicated billing department who is trained to handle these claims.

In Summary:

  • We provide a lightning-fast response
  • We only use the best equipment available in the industry
  • We have a great reputation online
  • Take great care to provide for your property
  • Handle direct insurance billing (select carriers)


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Victims of water damage Jacksonville can attest to the property and emotional damage it causes. Whether caused by a natural flood, burst pipe, or a slow seepage resulting in structural damage, water damage restoration Jacksonville can be a harrowing experience unless done by a qualified and licensed contractor.

If you live in an area where flooding is likely to occur, you should take note of the water damage restoration services Jacksonville available in the area and select one that can respond quickly to emergencies. In the event that your house is flooded, regardless of the cause, there are certain steps you can take while waiting for professional services. First and foremost, switch off the main electric supply (if there is danger of electrocution or short circuit) and move as many items as possible away from the flooded area to avoid further damage. Where possible, try to direct the flow of water outside.

A water damage restoration service jacksonville will first start with an initial inspection that includes identifying the source of the flooding and taking appropriate measures to stop the leakage. This is followed by removing the water which in itself entails pumping out water and drying the damaged areas. This includes, floors, walls, carpet and perhaps even furniture. The drying process is critical because lingering moisture is an invitation to mold and involves water pumps and dehumidifiers. Maintaining a constant airflow is crucial. If a window is not available, exhaust fans are used to create a negative air pressure inside the area to ensure flow of humid air outwards. This process may take several days with careful monitoring of humidity/moisture levels.

The damage assessment should also include testing the water to check for toxicity. This is specially a consideration after floods, as flood water may have been mixed with sewerage. If the presence of toxins is detected, your restoration company may have to reassess the restoration process based on the level of toxicity.

The next step is to assess how the damage to your property can best be restored to its original state.  Here’s where the your involvement is just as necessary because there may be some re-construction involved. Structural material that cannot be salvaged/reused is discarded. You may want to get further advice on how to manage re-construction to avoid similar incidents and many people overlook the fact that this may be the perfect opportunity to make structural changes which they were otherwise holding on to because of lack of finances or time. In some cases, rebuilding might prove more beneficial than restoration! Some restoration services provide everything under one roof from construction to upholstery and clothing repairs.

Post reconstruction, there are steps that can be taken for mold prevention. Certain chemicals and wall coatings can be used to sanitize the house against fungal growth. Remember, a good service will be just as careful about removing the debris! Its their job to clean up and dispose of all non-salvageable material according to the applicable environmental laws in your area.

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